Monday, March 26, 2012

We're buying a house!! ..I hope

To make a long story short, we've been trying to buy a house for nearly five years now. Since Kevin moved in with me and Madison and brought his wall of boxes with him. So enough talking for now and more looking. Here are pics of the house we are under contract with right now and we hope to soon move into.

The kitchen. Meh on the color..pretty bright but could be worse. There is definitely some renovation to be had in this room. That skinny white door is the pantry. There is a look inside further down in the pics. In my head, I envision the pantry to extend to about where the stove is in this pic. The stove will not be there. There will be more cabinets/counter space and possibly double wall ovens. There will be an island in the middle with a cooktop and an under counter drink cooler, that locks, to lock up the alcohol. After all we have kids and both my husband and myself were once both curious teenagers. Where I am standing in this pic will be where the refrigerator and my freezer reside and possibly more cabinet or counter space. That is at least, my vision.

This is some stupid grill/exhaust thing. Our inspector says it doesn't work. He may be wrong. I think it is ugly and I hope he is right. Oh and these countertops are hideouso!

This is the pantry. Blech..

The living room as you come up the stairs from the foyer. Surprisingly bigger than this pic appears.

Living room again. The doorway to the right is the dining room.

Looking down the stairs to the entryway from the hall/living room. I love that huge wall over there. I have a great idea for that space!

Dining room. Living room to the right and kitchen to the left. The backyard is through the window.

Dining room but looking into the kitchen.

Again, dining room.

Dining room. Kitchen to the left. Living room to the right. Kids love to run around empty houses.

Living room. The steps lead to the entryway/foyer.

Omg..ok, enough of these three rooms already. Living room.

Another of the kitchen. The cabinets are not so bad..

My kid sitting on the stairs leading to the living room.

What a ham!

Silly boy!

What can I say? He's cute!

You know you like it.

Last one of the kid, I promise.

Me no likey the border..

Or the trim color..

Another angle..this is the hall/kids bathroom.

Standard cabinetry.

I loathe and despise these types of showers

Master bedroom..I love blue but I'm not sure about this carpet/wall color combo

Deck off the kitchen..which is a frickin' death trap apparently. Meh..we'll upgrade/repair it at some point if the seller isn't required to do so.
Laundry room and downstairs half bath..I'm kinda disappointed that where that window is there is no door. I feel that should be a door instead. It also seems really dark even with the light on. Maybe some more/different lights at some point. But I really like the idea of having a laundry 'space' where I can shut the door and hide the mess. :)

More laundry room

View of the toilet, mirror & sink

Looking back into the basement at the foot of the stairs

In the downstairs den looking back at the garage door. Fourth bedroom is directly to the right. Where that light is leads back to the entryway.

Closet & to the left, bar area.

Bar, which will more than likely be changed. Namely the mirror and shelves. An idea my mom had was to put a small refrigerator/cooler underneath the cabinets. I would fill it with snacks and drinks for the kids (Madison, currently) and their friends. I'd let her know when I fill it that whatever had to last until set amount of time. If it was emptied before then, oh well, you have to wait. Also, we wanted to put possibly a locking one on the opposite side for Kevin to have liquor and beers if he wanted.

Another view of the bar.

Directly across from the bar. These pics make this area look smaller than it really is when you are down there.

Fireplace closeup.

Fourth bedroom. We'll more than likely make this our home office. At some point we would also like to replace all this carpet with wood(ish) floors. I hate carpet.

More bedroom/home office

This is the entryway/foyer. The house is set up like a split level but in most split levels when you walk in the door you are literally standing at stairs. There is actually a lot of room in this entryway. Both walls on either side are huge! The one on the right (shown here) is a little bigger. I want to put photos here, either a main family photo with all of us and other photos spiraling out or an idea I have for a 'family tree' look. There in that little triangle area where the stairs meet, I would love to put a tall, skinny Christmas tree. I bought some really pretty ornaments after Christmas this past year, not really knowing how I would work them into our regular stuff. They're rainbow colored and would look great against a white tree. I just hope I bought enough! LOL! I don't know what I would do for the rest of the year..ideas, anyone? Also, I am thinking of maybe at some point sanding the banisters down a little or something and staining them a lighter color. Hmmmm...I wonder even if I could somehow take that one to the left as you go downstairs down..anybody?

Crazy huge wall

Looking downstairs at the garage door and upstairs at the kitchen and the hall leading to the hall/kids bath and the bedrooms.

This is the opposite wall in the entryway. I would like to maybe do a cross theme on it. Just all sorts of crosses, I have a pic on a Pinterest board.

Front door. I personally am not a fan of window on the sides of doors (I have stalkers), but maybe I can  put some tall plants there like my cathedral cactus or something. ..Nah, that won't work. I don't know.

One of the non-master bedrooms

Same bedroom..sorry about the darkness

The other non-master bedroom. On a side note, all of these bedrooms have fans..which is awesome. I like fans. I actually have two in storage so some of these may possibly come down at some point.

Same bedroom and my daddy peeking around the corner. He came to check everything out like a good daddy does. Even the inspector was like he wouldn't be a good daddy if he didn't. LOL!

Front of the house

Back of the house

More back of the house and my husband & my truck

More back of the house and a playset that my daddy says probably just needs to go. It looked a little dangerous.

The slide was crazy steep. I think we'll have to replace it because the boy really liked it and I would like him to have one.

More back of the house

Our backyard meets up with our neighbor's front yard. At some point we'll get a fence to contain the boy.

Pretty sure the property line was just beyond that tree in the background.

Behind that house in the background is a fence. Beyond that fence is the golf course and beyond that is a playground and a duck pond. Oh, and a steam engine and an old 17th century church graveyard. Can you say awesome??!!
Ok, so there's 4 bedrooms, one of which we'll use as a spare and a home office, 2100-2600 square feet, it's one year younger than I am, and it is literally 4 doors down from my parents' house. Which is awesome because I know the neighborhood and Madison won't have to transfer out of the school district. Behind us is the golf course/park and if I can find a way to get myself and two toddlers over the fence in one of my neigbors' yards, I'm gonna visit the duck pond and playground extensively this summer and often into the future. We close April 27th and there are still a few issues we have to get worked out with the sellers but I have my fingers crossed. What do you think? :)