Sunday, July 29, 2012

This is harder than I thought

Writing in a journal daily or even regular, that is. I'm using MacJournal and I can use it to post selected journal entries. This will be my first done that way. So what did I do today? I’ve really been in the crafty mood lately. I finally made the wreath I have had the stems for since March! It turned out really nice although I wish I had more of the stems. I will know better next time, though. Now to buy a wreath hanger!
I also cleaned out our closet. When we moved we dumped everything in there and we haven’t really had a chance to get to it. Oh, I lie! I’ve had plenty of chances..just not the interest to do so. The before pic is below..remember, I painted it pink? I still love the pink..I just need to paint the white trim because it’s pretty dingy looking.
See the eyes looking at me..? She’ll be mad when I take everything out because she won’t have anywhere to chill and hide. I’ll find her a comfy baby blanket instead.
I have to go down to Lowes and buy another sponge painter brush because they’re pretty much not meant to last and my dear husband decided to dump all of them in a bucket of water and a bunch of buzzy insects drowned themselves in it. That freaks me out..sorry. I’d dump it out but me and Julian are in the bad habit of going outside barefoot and I’m scared we’ll step on a stinger. I know, I am a fraidy cat loser. I can be that if I wanna though.