Friday, August 10, 2012

House project progress

So I haven't been making a lot of changes to the house because I have been planning all summer to take a few weeks to go to Florida and visit my daddy, family and some friends, but I wasn't really sure WHEN that was going to be able to happen. Just that I wanted to go before the summer ended so that Madison could go with me and Julian. I hate to start something and then get interrupted and have to put it aside for a while. I lose my focus and that makes me frustrated.

However, I have done some things..just simple stuff. Baby steps, baby steps. Lol.

This was the living room after we closed and before we painted or even began moving anything in. We were in the process of painting when this was taken back in the beginning of May.

This was the living room earlier this week after putting up curtains. I love these..I can't tell you how awesome this looks in person, but something's missing or 'off' and I can't figure out what it is. Like I said, I painted this room back in May but the color is completely washed out by my flash. Is it the chair? It's going bye-bye soon and we're going to get some real furniture, thank God! I'm going to go get the matching tie-backs..maybe that will help.

This is the laundry room when we moved in. We had to remove the cabinet to get the washer and dryer in where they were supposed to go..not that it was a bad thing because apparently it was actually an under the sink bathroom cabinet. It is identical to the ones in the upstairs bathrooms. It was also a really huge pain to take out because it was not put up very well.

This is the laundry room today. The shelves to the left are for the coupon loot. I hate my kitchen 'pantry' so I keep most everything down here anyway. It even looks much more colorful because of the bottles and packages. Lol! 

Coupon loot!

I'm not really done with the laundry room. I would like to paint..I'm thinking either a different color on each wall or all green, yellow or orange. I would like it to be a light color because it's in the basement..then again, you can't get much lighter than white. Also, I want some sort of storage above the washer and dryer, maybe from Ikea and I would like to remove the cabinet above the toilet. We also want to add a utility sink and replace the cabinet under it as well.

This is my foyer today. It's seriously a mess and it makes me crazy. I've been tossing boxes to the left side as I unpack them until I can sort them or break them down. I am going to leave it this way, aside from some of the luggage, until I get back from Florida, because I think I am going to start working on it then. Oh, that stupid sign on the door is so that the sheriff doesn't come out and be really pissed when I set the alarm off because I forgot to disarm it. Yes..I totally would. On accident, of course, but still..

I think I'm going to have to hire a painter to come paint the foyer because the ceiling is seriously 15 feet. I'm too clumsy and I will most definitely fall and break an arm or dislocate a femur or something. That light is hideous and I would like to replace it with this one. I like silver-tone much better than anything else.
I have many other plans for the foyer but I think it will take a while so I'm going to have to have another (READ: SEVERAL o_O )project working as well. More than likely my master closet will be the first. This was about a quarter of the way through what I have planned.

This is yesterday taken with a lens adapter that I was trying out. Still not done but unfortunately it will have to wait. I am so impatient. I think I'm going to just do the ClosetMaid thing since I want to keep the pink and white. Kevin wants to do wood but I say NO! More dust, can't see stuff cause I don't have x-ray vision, too dark, too hot, etc. Not to mention I do what I want! Yes, my husband shares this closet with me and yes, he adores me. ;)

There are other things I have been working on and this really doesn't seem like a lot. But like I said, baby steps.