Monday, April 9, 2012

Christmas tree April??

Ok, so because I was thinking about using the space in my hopefully future foyer for a Christmas tree, I got to searching for a white one in particular. Well, I found one and then I found some others that were even more interesting and in my opinion, totally beautiful! One of them in particular is my favorite, but you have to wait until the end for me to tell you which one! ;)

You can check prices & pick up most if not all of these trees at

Candy corn tree

I Want Candy Cane Christmas tree

I'm Just a Rainbow Christmas tree

In the Navy Blue Christmas tree
I just love blue on everything and anything

Orange Christmas tree
This would actually be pretty cool for Halloween for obvious reasons. Maybe spiders and bats with some of that webbing, on second thought maybe leave the webbing off. Kinda overkill, methinks!

Powder Pink Christmas tree

Rainbow-riffic mini Christmas trees

Smurftastic Christmas tree
We are UNC fans and I think this would be great themed in UNC ornaments and maybe some simple silver balls.

Upside Down Christmas tree

Vote For Me Christmas tree

We Put Baby in a Corner Christmas tree
The name of this tree cracked me up!!

White Christmas tree
Simple, classic, so many ideas

You can find a ton more of every color you can imagine on this website. I have some predominantly pink rainbow-esque ornaments that I bought after Christmas this past year that would be awesome on the White Christmas tree. But I totally can't stop there, y'all. I mean I LOVE the Powder Pink & the Smurftastic as well. I truly think my favorite has got to be the I'm Just a Rainbow tree, though I have not a clue how I would decorate it. I am a huge fan of rainbows!

Has anyone of you out there ever had a colored tree? How did you decorate it? Any ideas for any of the trees above?