Wednesday, February 9, 2011

End of one era...beginning of a new one

It has been a long time coming, actually.  I had a rough pregnancy with my son, Julian.  However before he was born I had several medical and personal issues that were only exacerbated by his birth and trying to play SuperWorkingFullTimePlusSomeOutsideOfTheHomeWhileHoldingDownAHouseholdWithReallyNoBackupMom.  Sorry, but I really don't think women's lib was/is very liberating at all.  But that's a topic for a later date, possibly.  

So for the past, oh two to three years now, I have been plotting my escape from the corporate madness.  I have, over this period of time, put off resigning several times, telling myself "OK, I just need to get to this point and then I will do it."  Whatever point I was referencing would come and pass and I would tell myself once again "OK, We just have to get this one thing done and then I can stay at home full time".  The problem with doing this is that you can only put off the inevitable for so long.  I truly believe that it came to the point where God was like, "Ok, seriously, enough is enough.  You are such a procrastinator.  I'm taking over."  And so He decided to push me out into the road, so to speak. 

It didn't go down quite like I had planned, however, the fact remains that it did go down.  I don't think that it has really sunk in yet.  I mean, I have been working full-time since Madison was born nearly 14 years ago and I had worked at KK for the past nine years.  Madison was still in preschool daycare when I began working there and she is almost a freshman in high school now.  Wow!  She has practically grown up at KK.  So as of today, I no longer am a 'Working Mom'.  I am now, from this point until I feel the need to change it, a full-time stay at home mom!  YAAAAAAAAY for me!!

I am nervous, but pretty excited for this new stage.  I have a lot of things I want to do and even more that I want to LEARN to do.  I plan to go to school in May.  I want to learn how to grow, can and preserve food.  I want to cook a lot.  Possibly take a photography class.  Take my kids to the library and the park.  Take Madison to swim meets.  Be able to show up at her school when I need to without having to worry about making up work for someone else.  Master the art of pasta and cheesecake making and baking.  eBay.  Actually EXERCISE and maybe lose some weight and get healthier.  Cook for my family more than once or twice a week.  Volunteer.  Clean, sort and organize.  

Seriously...The list is truly endless. 

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