Thursday, April 7, 2011

Been really busy..

You would think that now that I am not working full-time outside the home that I would have more time to do things like blog.  Instead, I have been cleaning, organizing, laundry and a whole lot of SLEEPING!  I don't know if I am somehow detoxing from work or something but for the past two weeks prior to this one, I could not get enough.  I would literally sleep like 9 hours or so a night and then still be sleepy.  This was a few weeks ago and I am feeling better as far as that goes now, though.  So hopefully I am back on the blogging bandwagon.

I found this kinda neat site/concept, as well, that somewhat prompted me to come over and post a new blog entry. It is  Apparently, how it works is like this: you will be sent a book for free, you only have to review it on your blog and another consumer type site like,,,,, or  Then you post a link to your review on BookSneeze and then you can go request a new book.  All for free as long as you review the books when you are done.  Since I love to read and love to get stuff free (just take a look at my's loaded with 95% free books) this is PERFECT!!!  A lot of the books that I saw were available to choose from seemed to be Christian based.  I submitted my application and was approved so we will see how it goes.  More on BookSneeze later..

Kevin bought me an upright freezer!  I have been trying to convince him for months to do so.  We live in a 3 bedroom apartment and with it came one of those small basic refrigerators.  Since I have started the recent coupon madness, I was getting really frustrated with the fact that I could not put anything away to save because our refrigerator freezer is so small.  So my new Kenmore upright freezer was delivered about a month ago.  It is beautimous and humongous!  See look...

Yes, that is me.  Yes, I know I am silly.  But I was REALLY excited!!  And I still am, although now Freezee is not quite so empty because I have filled him with my couponing loot!  See look, again...

Ok, so my Aerogarden got really huge and flush with green lettuces and stuff.  So I thought to myself I think I should probably cut some of this lettuce off so we can eat it.  So I did..and I dont think I did it right because only one out of the seven plants grew back.  You can kinda tell in the pic of me standing in front of the freezer. :(  This made me sad and a little dissapointed because the pods are supposed to last about 6 months apiece.  That is assuming you know how to prune back plants to keep them growing again and again, I guess, though.  But I don't think that is quite something I am good at yet.  You live and you learn though, so I am trying again.  This time though I am trying out tomato plants that I bought at the same time as the Aerogarden right before Christmas.  I planted them about three weeks ago.  There are only two plants.  The rest of the holes are filled in with spacers because tomato plants can get huge.  Hopefully they will grow big and we will eat lots of tomato sammiches this summer!!

I have ordered a garden starter system to use in my Aerogarden to help start some seeds off.  Tomatoes, cucumbers, I don't really know what else..I will have to look and see what else I can try to grow in the summer.  Unfortunately because we are in a 3rd floor apartment I will have to use my back deck for most of my garden growing exploits.  I hope that my parents plant their summer garden as well this year because I always like to go over there to pick veggies during the summer.  I am hoping that I MIGHT get enough of one veggie or another that I can try my hand at preserving some this year.  We will see how that goes.

Oh yeah, I am getting married this weekend.  Kevin and I are getting married legally on Saturday and then later in May we will have a more formal ceremony and reception. More on the formal stuff later...

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